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September 24, 2016

Handle Phone Interviews Like a Pro


At some point, you may have to be on the receiving end of a phone interview. It may be for a job position in a company or a project proposal. Getting the job or the nod for a project hinges on how well you communicate with the interviewer. Here are some tips on how to make a good impression and send your message across effectively over the phone to a potential employer.

1. Double check the contact details you provide. Make sure that you provide the correct information (i.e. contact numbers) on your resume. The last thing you want is to miss out on an opportunity just because you failed to update your contact details.

2. Be on top of your game. Prepare in such a way nothing much will faze you once you get a call. Plan ahead on how you can maximize the interview time. Find a space that you can use to minimize noise and distractions so you can focus on whatever question or answer you are discussing with the person calling you.

3. Exude confidence, professionalism, and warmth. Speak with confidence and warmth while maintaining professionalism. Imagine that it is like talking to someone in front of you. Smile and let your engagement shine through your voice.

4. Actively listen and remember important points. Listen attentively and try to make mental notes of important information. And this is where finding the right space to receive important calls matters. You have to reduce or eliminate any possible distraction that could impair your ability to listen effectively.

5. Be on point. Practice answering questions as concisely and clearly as possible. Avoid long-winded answers when a few words would do. Focus on clarity as well as on how you can make interesting and straightforward answers.

6. Show engagement by asking the right questions. Ask questions to further show your interest. But avoid overdoing it. Do not ask unnecessary questions. You can follow-up on a particular topic by asking for clarifications, if needed.

7. Ask what is the next step, if applicable. Ask what the next step would be in the hiring process before the interviewer ends the call. This way you will have a fairly good idea of what to expect if you are considered or not for the job.

8. Thank the interviewer. Regardless of how the interview turned out, make sure to thank the interviewer before the call is ended. Or you can send a thank you note by email.

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